Future Scholars Review


In 2020 while Covid hit, amongst the struggles of everyday life, another struggle that became very evident was the factors related to student success. Keeping that in mind, the intention that emerged amongst educators and forward thinkers was to give kids the maximum exposure and visibility. In keeping with the STEM/STEAM research the students do in their high school career, this publication became a reality to provide just that platform to enable them to maximize their impact from the research that they undertake during their high school careers. This journal is a testament of the struggles, challenges and the brilliance of these young scholars that deserves a pat on their back for their hard work, tenacity and grit.

Meet our Founders

Kristin Lehman, with nearly two decades of experience in education and a Master’s in Mathematics, serves as the Director of Educational Services at Hewitt Research Foundation, where she champions inclusive education practices that cater to the unique needs of all learners, including neurodiverse and twice-exceptional students. As a co-founder of the Independent Innovator Challenge and an organizer of the US National Innovator Challenge, Kristin is dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation across diverse student populations. A certified SENG Model Parent Group facilitator and a homeschooling parent of four, she is committed to promoting hands-on learning approaches that support the educational and emotional development of every student. To learn more please visit https://hewittlearning.org/ or connect with Kristin on LinkedIn.

Rachna Nath is an educator, innovator, Fulbright Scholar and an entrepreneur that works with school students to bring their passions to reality through her platform which she calls DRIPBL (Dream Research Innovate Problem/Project Based Learning). She works with kids all over the world to dream big and then facilitate pathways to make them come true.  9 of her students have patents and 12 patent pendings, two international best selling books, 3 companies and so on. To learn more visit www.dripbl.com or reach out to Rachna on LinkedIn

Chief Operations Officer at Innovation World™, Co-Founder of the Global Innovation Field Trip (GIFT) and Architect of the Innovation World Alliance, Juli Shively has been imagining and cultivating learner-centered innovative programming for more than 20 years. Expanding from local to national, and most recently to global initiatives, Shively understands the importance, strength, and breadth of influence possible as a member of a global collective, and works to support young innovators, educators and those who support and inspire innovation whenever, and wherever possible. Reach out to Juli: juli.innovationworld@gmail.com | LinkedIn