Future Scholars Review


Name: Niharika Abbaraju

University: University of Toledo

Major: Molecular and Cellular Biology BS/MD


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to publish my high school research in a similar field of understanding inflammatory skin conditions and allowing for better, more accurate diagnoses through the intersection of medicine and technology. During the project, I faced many challenges. Still, I was able to determine a new application for spectrophotometry and relate it to a field of medicine that I am highly passionate about. Being able to publish this research is an important milestone for me that will fuel my desire to continue researching and sharing my discoveries with the scientific community.

Name: Blake Enwiller

University: Vanderbilt University

Major: Economics, Math, and Spanish Major


Throughout high school, I was captivated by research because it truly was an intellectual challenge that required diligence, creativity, and mastery of important scientific techniques. Regardless of whichever field I end up in for my career, I believe that research has taught me applicable and vital skills for today’s workforce.

Name: Nevan Hanford 

University: University of California, Berkeley 

Major: Molecular and Cell Biology 


Through my research in high school, I was not only able to obtain the wet-lab skills and techniques that I use in my current college classes and research, but the experience of the scientific process from question to publication. Undergoing that process gave me invaluable insight into the field of scientific research, propelling me towards my current passions and interests in life.

Name: Alex Kroumov

University: Johns Hopkins University

Major: Biomedical Engineering


Having the opportunities to learn from research and engineering projects has opened my eyes about how the world works and sparked my curiosity for all I can still learn. Publishing my research is amazing, as I get to contribute to the vast sea of knowledge out in fields I love. Now I will explore understanding human and artificial intelligence, with hopes of continuing to learn and understand.

Name: Kaitlyn Lai

School: University of Arizona

University: Neuroscience & Cognitive Science 


I am very grateful for the opportunity to pursue research during high school and publish my work with honeybees. This project challenged me to think critically and provided a valuable learning experience to grow my scientific skills and interests. In particular, it introduced me to the field of neuroscience, where I am continuing my research journey at the University of Arizona studying how TMS can serve as a diagnostic tool and therapeutic intervention for Alzheimer’s disease. I believe all of these experiences have cultivated my curiosity for science and drive to give back to the community. 

Name: Diya Nath

University: University of Arizona

Major: Neuroscience and cognitive Science 


Hi! My name is Diya Nath and I am completing my Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science at University of Arizona. At the U of A, I have been studying the main mechanisms and genes behind Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). In the future, I seek to do more gut microbiome and brain research. I’m excited and feel honored for my work to be published in this journal! Research at school has helped me grow my critical thnking, problem solving and soft skills early in life.

Name: Sohani Sandhu

University: Rice University

Major: Biochemistry & Philosophy


I am so grateful for having received the chance to do such impactful scientific research during my high school career. Not only did it teach me valuable skills that I continue to use in my current scientific endeavors, but it also provided me a foundational springboard for my future success. By delving into complex topics, I cultivated a passion for discovery and innovation that continues to drive me toward excellence to this day.

Name: Jyotishman Nath

School: Basha High School

Major: To be Determined


Hello! I am so excited for having the chance to publish research I have done during my high school career. I like to conduct research on topics that aren’t explored as thorough as other topics. In the future, I plan on pursuing a major in Computer Science at the University of Arizona.